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    Default Ethtrade - Ethtrade.org

    I am not admin. Link: Ethtrade.org

    The site works in 18 languages. Every day offices are opened in cities in different countries around the world.
    The cost of the company's website is estimated at over $ 118,000.
    The technical level of the company is at the highest level.
    It's MLM company

    Attachment 17134 The Ethtrade company was founded in 2015. For a short time, we managed to show our best side and consolidated all the results. We are young and energetic professionals who are always eager to achieve goals. Our managers—Eric Bondi and Michael Frendowski—are practicing traders. When Ethereum project was launched in 2013, we decided to promote this unique platform which is called "world computer." We consider that our aim is to develop it and participate in dynamic cryptocurrency trading. Now, we gradually master possibilities of Ethereum and share our experience through quality asset management service.
    Our trust management principle is using your investment to trade with Ethereum. The average monthly income is from 30% to 50%, half of which (15-25%) is accrued to investors. Cryptocurrency market allows one to get more profit, but our strategy is intended primarily for the safety of funds.
    We are open to investors with clear cooperation scheme and equal division of profits between them and the company. When investing here, you invest in the future that’s already happening!

    Ethtrade promo:
    Janky heve deposite 20 000$ in EthTrade! What's yours? https://youtu.be/yeRhT-gI980
    Ethtrade ???2 19?? https://youtu.be/1xQneAAnZ0c


    The benefits of cooperation with Ethtrade
    Get up to 25% per month in passive mode by investing funds, as well as develop your skills as Ethereum trader!
    The company provides weekly reports on all transactions with Ethereum, as well as trade forecasts for the future.

    Invest, starting from $10 with professional traders. To do this, you do not need knowledge or experience of the trading.
    Develop your own team to generate income without investment. Thanks to a multilevel bonus system. Double affiliate program.

    The scheme of the company work
    1. Free registration. To open an account, it's sufficient to enter your e-mail.
    2. Transfer of investment funds in trust to our traders.
    3. Trading with Ethereum on the cryptocurrency exchanges and weekly reporting of traders.
    4. Equal division of final profit between the company and its investors.

    Ethtrade mission
    We are committed to the maximum effective popularization of Ethereum platform, its capabilities and prospects, as well as the implementation of asset management program and obtaining financial gain through trading activities on the cryptocurrency exchanges.

    Ethrade offers excellent opportunities for their users:
    — Development of the most dynamic phenomena of the XXI century, Ethereum and other Blockchain technology;
    — Passive monthly returns from 15% to 25% of your portfolio;
    — Participation in the affiliate program allows users to make money without any investment at all;
    — Educational material, theoretical knowledge and practical skills to improve and nurture your trading experience.

    Ethtrade company is provides:
    — service in the field of asset trust management
    — conducting of trading activities using currency pairs ether/btc and ether/usd
    — active promoting of unique platform Ethereum
    — training for beginners basics of successful and profitable trading
    — offers participation in the affiliate program and making money without investment
    — to ask the question company representatives or send your CV click here

    Basic conditions of cooperation:
    Minimum investment: $10
    The maximum amount of investments: not more than $30,000 depending on your status.*
    Income for investors: from 15% to 25% per month on the size of the investment portfolio.
    Daily accruals of profit: on trading results (except weekends and holidays).
    The recommended investment period: 60 days. **
    Minimum withdrawal of profits: $10

    A fee for early withdrawal of funds from investment portfolio:
    a) up to 30 days: 30%
    b) from 30 to 60 days:
    - Withdrawal of up to 30% of the investment portfolio0%
    - Withdrawal amount from 30% to 50% of the investment portfolio10%
    - Withdrawal amount from 50% to 100% of the investment portfolio15%
    c) after 60 day: s0%
    - Withdrawal fee: 0%

    The term of processing of withdrawal requests: from 3 to 5 working days.
    The ability to make withdrawal: request at any day.
    Schedule traders: every day Monday through Friday.

    * The company provides 5 statuses for investors:
    FRONTIER weekly limit for investments is $500, withdrawal limit is $300.
    HOMESTEAD weekly limit for investments is $1,000, withdrawal limit is $500.
    METROPOLIS weekly limit for investments is $3,000, withdrawal limit is $1,000.
    SERENITY weekly limit for investments is $5,000, withdrawal limit is $2,000.
    CO-FOUNDER weekly limit for investments is $7,000, withdrawal limit is $3,000.
    CO-FOUNDER+ weekly limit for investments is $10,000, withdrawal limit is $5,000.

    ** The recommended investment period is 60 days or more. Given a fee for early withdrawal, we recommend you invest during this period or withdraw not more than 30% of investment portfolio to avoid additional commission.

    Affiliate program

    FRONTIER - first status
    this status is given you as soon as you register an account.
    Affiliate bonus from a deposit of investor which was invited by you:
    first line 3%
    second line 2%
    third line 1%
    Affiliate bonus from the profit of investor which was invited by you:
    first line 3%
    second line 1%
    third line 1%
    Weekly limit:
    for investment is $500
    weekly withdrawal $300

    CO-FOUNDER + - six status
    the status is assigned when the turnover of your structure reaches $1 million.
    Co-founder+ allows you to receive a one-time bonus of $3,000 for every next $100,000* attracted into your structure.
    Affiliate bonus from a deposit of investor which was invited by you:
    first line 12%
    second line 5%
    third line 3%
    fourth line 3%
    fifth line 3%
    Affiliate bonus from the profit of investor which was invited by you:
    first line 10%
    second line 7%
    third line 5%
    fourth line 3%
    fifth line 3%
    Weekly limit:
    for investment is $10,000
    weekly withdrawal $5,000


    >>> ETHTRADE <<<

    Follow Me On:
    - Facebook https://www.facebook.com/zhirovalexey
    - Twitter https://twitter.com/lagodaru
    - Telegram: https://t.me/WorldInvestLife
    - VK: https://vk.com/ethtradeworld
    - Skype: Lagoda777

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    Default Re: Ethtrade - Ethtrade.org

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