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If you have UAE residency UAE bank can say all accounts are domestic / local and not subject to CRS or something.

And 10 years rules will never work, for you can be legal tax residency in country without been living there so long time and in this case country will not get any CRS report at all before 10 years period. And very hard in many case provide proof some living 10 years in a country and bank will not take so much time to do so good job.
Well, I have already faced this with reporting in other countries (where I have accounts), it was self-declaration again. They will surely report me to my citizenship country as UAE residency is 3 years from now. Anyway, don't have a problem with that, as all my taxes are OK before moving, but this could be different for the people cheating with taxes before and not declaring their incomes. Still, this is pretty unsure and nobody knows directly what would happen