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    Default ambis - ambis.biz

    New project: ambis.biz

    Start of the project: 27.06.2017

    History of AMBIS
    The AMBIS platform is represented by an official registered in the state of Delaware, USA, in March 2017. The number of the company's registration number is 6358845. You can confirm the active registration by entering the file number in the official registry of the State of Delaware
    Need to see our certificate of registration?
    Click here to open the certificate
    What is the AMBIS team?
    The heart of the team is our CEO, Mr. BRADLEY GOUG. He has been working with Bitcoin & Blockchain since 2011, and his ideas have always been innovative and ahead of schedule. The beginning of AmBIS was planned for them in 2010, when he visited the conference dedicated to the new start-ups Blockchain. Since 2010, he has been working on the concept with two more developers, Jan Grünnis and Mike Pearson, who encoded the main product of today's Ambis - the perfect bot-bot-brand Bitcoin - AmbisBot.

    Other partners in the team are Jack Wonderville, Tim Hankins, Lara Copman and Dennis Kronmann. They are responsible for marketing and finance and report directly to the CEO. In the near future we will expand the team.
    Why choose AMBIS over other companies?
    We believe that AMBIS has a prefect solution for any Bitcoin investor who does not have time to analyze markets and make quick decisions based on the data that he receives. We tested our software for 1 year, and we know that it works fine and is able to deliver the result no matter what.

    Domain: NAMECHEAP, INC., 21 Mar 2017 - 20 Mar 2018
    Hosting: TOV Highload Systems
    SSL: GeoTrust EV SSL CA - G4 GeoTrust Inc., valid: 2017-05-03 - 2018-05-03
    Script: not defined
    Design: no sample for comparison


    Tariff plans:

    0,15% per hour
    0,01-4,99 BTC

    0.16% per hour
    5.00-19.99 BTC

    0.18% per hour
    20.00-49.99 BTC

    0,2% per hour
    50.00-149.99 BTC

    Min.deposit: 0.01BTC
    Min.output: 0.001BTC
    Payment system: Bitcoin
    Referral program: 5%
    Payment type: Instant
    The main deposit can be returned in 24 hours, the commission is 7%

    Official company
    The company's registration number is 6358845.
    View certificate

    SSL: GeoTrust EV SSL CA - G4
    Registrar: NameCheap, Inc
    Hosting: TOV Highload Systems
    Name Servers:

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    Default Re: ambis - ambis.biz

    My contribution:

    CWBF3QXZVYKKWOGRCYHTIRRQVV 6/27/2017 06:53:08am 0.0100000 BTC 3BsYwefcGmNdsiaXzscNrxGxMjiV6pW81k

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    Default Re: ambis - ambis.biz

    This opinion is primary, that is, the project is evaluated at first glance. Therefore, it may be underestimated, possibly due to lack of insider. But the evaluation of design, technical equipment and marketing carries an honest and adequate opinion. I consider ambis.biz to be interesting. I'll explain why ... Started: 06/27/2012 Here it is an interesting representative on bitcoin. The project has excellent quality and attractive design. But most of all it attracts the fact that this is a piggy bank, that is, the withdrawal is possible after 24 hours. The project yields 0.15% per hour, which is 3.6% per day. However, a deposit fee is charged for 7%, so at least 2 days must be kept in order to get a small plus, even if we take into account RefBack. I'm not sure that the project should be flirting, but for the cunning the project I think it is quite suitable. If suddenly someone decides to deposit, then the project will give 70% Refback .

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    69501e05ec16869295acbdbe481385f00bb765e6c6efe35fe5 1aea522f63a789

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    Default Re: ambis - ambis.biz

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    Default Re: ambis - ambis.biz

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    Join Date : May 2016
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    Default Re: ambis - ambis.biz


    You just sent 0.50087886 BTC
    2b7e7f1d87072ae95284e62adf6885387c27d95cb369385fad 4119e160a8ba5b

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    Default Re: ambis - ambis.biz

    Instant withdrawal:

    + 0.0020 BTC

    Transaction Hash: abd0890f53fa0170f014b197c3002bc1cfc279057831a0a5f6 06f73e9a417474

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    Default Re: ambis - ambis.biz

    2017-06-28 04:40:25
    593b8a3dc534d062460989dbb1d09fcbbfa940e4b99aa3a142 21cf9eada22b86
    -0.05000000 BTC

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    Default Re: ambis - ambis.biz


    You just sent 0.50087881 BTC
    c0fd21873223cac7ed098029d0b880fb58adfad003ae0b52fc 93f1f7f1d40821

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