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    Cool ♦P&D Bot v1.3 released♦ Be the king of pumps and ***** ! ! Website + Live proofs

    Do not wait P&D Bot v1.3 released

    We've finally released P&D Bot v1.3 !

    A complete program to make profits in each pump and dump !

    Overview of P&D Bot

    The Pump and Dump Bot V1.3 is a Python based console application that allows users to be able to easily and effectively Pump and Dump altcoins based upon user input.

    Python outperforms Java and Vba programs,Its abilities to connect to the exchanges faster than other bots ensure that your investments are safer than when using any other bots.

    The overall goal of the bot is to be able to create an environment for a safe general pump without fear of being dumped on and ultimately losing money.

    This bot is centered around the user, requires no previous coding experience and includes features to protect users such a training mode which simulates pump situations in real time, pre-pump detection, as well as a warning in case users start too late into the pump.

    Users will be able to take coin names from Pump and Dump announcement groups and easily set percentage based buy and sell orders, to ensure that the bot is fast enough to beat out any competition.

    List of incoming updates :
    - YoBit support
    - Android app
    - Poloniex support

    Demo : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuuxoAw...pEqm8bKAQQ

    Can you prove that your bot works ?
    Of course, we've recorded videos with P&D Bot during some pumps ! You will see how it acts and how the system works Smiley

    also visit: cryptobots.xyz for more info, purchase here for the promo price

    How much does a license cost ?
    It costs 0.05 BTC for Blackhatbitcoin users as a one-time fee. Life upgrades and life support are completely free.

    Buy now with Satoshibox: https://satoshibox.com/4d3gju4hz456surrzkhevjp7

    Can you show me some screens of the bot in action ?
    Of course ! here you are :

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    Default <a href=http://iz-egrp.ru>заказать

    <a href=http://iz-egrp.ru>выписка из ЕГРН о переходе прав онлайн сроки</a>

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    Default СанХит - отопл

    Вода - это источник жизни на нашей планете. Поэто********у каждый до******** нуждается в водопроводе. Жителя******** ********ногоквартирных до********ов нередко требуется обновлять старую инфраструктуру, а жителя******** частных и вовсе проводить воду в до******** от центрального водопровода. В любо******** случае, каждый эле********ент систе********ы нужно выбирать очень тщательно. И********енно поэто********у интернет-********агазин http://www.sanheat.ru/ будет для вас наилучши******** выборо********. Та******** вы найдете все что нужно не только для водопровода, но и для отопления.

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